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Karma gets played on 'Birds of a Feather' Podcast EP 43.

With Christina Baldwin and Professor P-Soop.

[KARMA] “…Makes a very strong and big impression. It has this fabulous European Keyboard Menace thing…and yet, the common motif is swampy and southern...

...You know my distain for Country, but at the outer fringes there’s about a half per cent of stuff that is really good…

This is the kind of vocal you get that you just love. This isn’t Country - this is Rock and this is great.

Fabulous vocal.

Musically they seemed to have (and this is no mean feat) created a dance floor in a swamp kind of thing. It’s this wonderful crossover [between dance and country]. So good, so confident. These people know what they’re doing. It’s fabulous.

The lyric at the end paints this stark, terrifying visual. “Karma’s a bitch and she’s coming for you. Dressed in black with my name tattooed.”… it goes out as every bit as strong as it starts. It’s just a great, great tune.”


Mostly Movers and Shakers Review -  Desert of the Sea.

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"...Rosanna‘s red-velvet-toned voice pines over an amber-hued, dusk laden summer’s evening. You become quite enraptured within the mantra “Come to me/Talk to me”, which pretty much enchants and enshrouds your whole being."

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Mostly Movers and Shakers Review - Silver Lining

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"...The sheer class bolted onto a refined maturity of her vocal style – a blend between Shania Twain and Karen Carpenter has a richness that defies her years and generation."

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"...“Fade to Grey” and “Move As One” are both emotional and classy tracks with gorgeous work from Rosanna."

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Prog Archives Review - Aura. [IO Earth]

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"...All in all, a wonderful follow up to the excellent Solitude and a worthy addition to the IO Earth catalogue."

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Velvet Thunder Review - Aura. [IO Earth]

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"...there’s a magical change of mood with the sudden entry of Rosanna Lefevre singing a gorgeous melody accompanied initially only by warm piano chords."


Louder sound (PROG Magazine)

Crescent Theatre Live Review (2018)

"...Lefevre immediately injects a dose of ‘rock chick’ dynamism to proceedings. Clad almost entirely in black, she’s reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks with just a dash of Pat Benatar, and she commands centre stage with charismatic grace." - Steve Pilkington (Progressive Magazine)

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Velvet thunder review - Acoustic album vol.1 [IO Earth]

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"...Rosanna Lefevre is the real star here, delivering her finest performance on the record, as she ekes every little shred of meaning and emotion from the lyric, twisting and savouring syllables throughout and imparting a completely new feel to the song."


Music Waves Review - Solitude [IO EARTH]

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"...In the same way, it's important to underline the perfect integration of the singer [Rosanna Lefevre] and her incredible register that allows her all the audacities, as much by her very extended range as by her seemingly limitless capacity to modulate the power of her voice."

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The Prog Mind Review - AURA [IO EARTH]

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"...I seriously love these tracks because they are utter texture, allowing Rosanna to emote and harmonise with otherworldly presence up against orchestral splendour."


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The Prog Mind - Top 10 Vocals of 2018

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"...After the departure of Claire Malin, the band struggled to find a voice, in my opinion.  Rosanna filled that void with flying colors, offering a huge presence that feels ripe with sincerity and power."


Louder Sound (Prog Magazine) Review - Solitude [IO Earth]

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"...Lefevre brings darker rock and blues sensibilities to bear. On the serious and heavy Breakdown, Lefevre demonstrates that she has technique to spare – few could so easily reach a note so high it might shatter glass, but it’s her lower register and mid-range that give IO Earth a new emotional centre."

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Dutch Progressive Rock Magazine Page - Aura. [IO Earth]

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"...Vocalist Rosanna Lefevre adds to this with an emotional, heartfelt performance making the hairs stand up on the back of the neck."