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Feel free to browse my videos on this page. Here you will find official music videos for Rosanna Lefevre, behind the scenes footage, and any other promotional videos created.


If you like them - please do consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and showing support by purchasing the tracks via Bandcamp. 

There you will find 'full fat' versions of the tracks (24 bit, 44.1 kHz) whereas streaming platforms such as Spotify will be at a standard 16 bit quality version.

Links to socials are above and to the right.

Promotional Video (Single Compliation)

"Love you seem to be lost...No light in your life...And What has it cost you?"

The official music video for "Desert of the Sea"

"...Do you think of me? I think of you...and what we'd do if we were still together..."

The official music video for "Still Together"

"If I could see a Silver Lining...I would be fine but it's not there..."

"I heard you got someone new...does she know what you put me through? KARMA's a bitch and she's coming for you."

Silver Lining (Single)

Behind the Scenes of "Desert of the Sea"

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